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Hire a Lawyer

When you are involved in a minor car accident, you may think that you don’t need an accident attorney, but this isn’t the case. A good car accident lawyer will provide you with exceptional legal counsel whether you are speaking with the other driver, the police, or your insurance company. Moreover, you may need a personal injury attorney to prove that your injuries were the result of your accident, or to seek compensation for minor injuries to your vehicle or your person. A good accident attorney will let you know whether the accident merits further legal attention and help you to navigate the complicated quagmire of paperwork and bills that inevitably follow any car accident.

You may not have been excessively injured in the accident. You may just have a sore back. Your car might look fine, apart from that dent near the front and the scraped paint. Even so, it’s important that you find a qualified accident attorney to help you with the legal proceedings. In addition to identifying the merits and plausibility of your case, a car accident lawyer can help you to understand what your rights are, what your insurance providers are obligated to pay, and help you with the following steps following your car accident.

Ask Your Auto Accident Attorney What to Say

Social conditioning goes out the window when it comes to a car accident. Attorneys always advise their clients to avoid apologizing or conversing with the other driver at length. But your accident attorney can also help you to understand what you should say—what information you need to record, who you should talk to, and what sort of statement will most impact a judge or jury should your case go to trial.

Your Accident Attorney Will Help You Speak with the Police

In addition to helping you to communicate with the other driver, legal entities, and your insurance provider, a good car accident lawyer will let you know what, if anything, to tell police officers. Even if you are in a minor accident (with damages totaling less than one thousand dollars), you should still call the police and file a report. They may not have the time to respond to your call, but making that extra effort will give you the legal edge should you and your car accident lawyer choose to take the case to court.

A Personal Injury Attorney Interpret Your Doctor’s Statement

Many accident attorneys have significant experience with personal injury law. If your lawyer also functions as a personal injury attorney, they will help you to determine what injuries, if any, were sustained and whether those injuries merit a lawsuit. In some cases, they will help you to locate specialists who possess significant experience in identifying chronic injuries that can result from even the most minor of car accidents.

Find an Accident Attorney to Help with the Paperwork

Even if you decide not to pursue a lawsuit against the other driver, it’s important that you employ an accident or personal injury attorney who can help you in the off chance that your insurance company refuses to pay for your injuries. They will have a better understanding of the system than you do, as car accident attorneys often represent clients who have sustained minor or severe injuries.

Even if you don’t think your car accident was a “big deal,” you may still benefit from the legal counsel of an experienced Car Accident Lawyer. Visit www.malmanlaw.com to learn more about your case and your rights.


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